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Originally Posted by emt1581 View Post
CZ...aside from the surplus guns which are totally different I've never even held a CZ, what's so special/different about them?



Well, I have been very enamored of CZ products for a long time for many reasons!

Focusing on just the CZ 75...

..the base design is one of the most copied pistols in the world..(for good reason)

..and the variations on the mid-70's era base model continue today.

The CZ-75 & copies/variants are staples in IPSC & other fast paced, combat styled shooting sports

Some really interesting pistol competition videos here...

The CZ-75 (& clones) are some of the most esthetically comfortable pistols I have used..

.. & the most esthetically superb "wonder-9" single/double action combat pistol I have used.

The accuracy is superb (due to the full length internally fitted slide & other reasons... like the really good stock FCG)
A variation (TZ mfg'd copy actually) of that model (a tuned Springfield Armory P9LSP) generated the best groups (2 sets of 15 rds...2 different types of ammo...printed in a 2 3/4" x approx 12" pattern...@90 yards...back-to-back ) I have ever generated with an unscoped centerfire semi-auto pistol.
After the 1st round rung the 2 3/4" wide steel target (drill stem?) 90 yards distant, my shooting partner laughed out loud & stated "you could not hit it again in a million years"...29 consecutive times later both he & I were nothing less than astounded! The front sight was the width of the piece of plywood the drill stem was holding up & what was the actual point-of-aim ....the drop was considerable...

The same day..the tuned P9LSP thoroughly trounced my shooting partner's "new" SIG-Neuhausen P210-6....about $2,000 worth of Swiss craftsmanship & considered by many the most accurate 9mm combat pistol in the world.

But all of the pluses aside..

..weight & size have kept the CZ & TZ from being one of my CCW....

Enter the new polymer framed CZ 75 P07 Duty..

..besides the previously mentioned "CZ75 qualities" ..

It has a redesigned FCG (i.e Omega Trigger) that is superb (using that word a lot ), it sports a lightweight polymer frame, it is more compact (but still carries 16 + 1), internal tapered slide, pistol can be used as a decocker (SIG style) or cocked & locked (1911 style) by swapping out one mech for another (both included), comes with 2 magazines (standard)

The pistol is very reasonably priced....I got mine for just over $400..

..and the new threaded version with raised suppressor sights should be around $450 or so..

..about 1/2 the price of "suppressor ready" offerings from other manufacturers.
"Got Preps"??

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