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SBR and suppressor questions...

I purchased 2 stripped lowers with the intent of building a SBR in .300 blackout with one of them. I would like to buy a suppressor for it as well at some point. I own a Gemtech G5 for my AR already, and I have a revocable living trust that I used for it's approval. I have moved from the address where the trust was originally set up, and in a year I will be moving to a different state, SC from GA.

If I start the process of getting a stamp for my lower to build the SBR, what roadblocks might I run into? What does one need to do when moving states if the stamps are on a revocable living trust?

I also have an AR in .308, and was thinking maybe I should get the suppressor first since I'll be able to shoot it on my AR before I'll have the chance to complete my SBR build. A

Any advice? Thanks.
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