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Thanks Carphunter for the good information. This info is timely for me. I'm considering the purchase of a Thereon Defense Carbine in 10MM Auto and needed to know the kind of increase in velocity I could achieve over a handgun. If the increase is not substantial, I will buy a Kel-Tec Sub-2K 9MM Auto instead (the Kel-Tec is half the price of the Thereon and 9MM ammo is a lot less expensive than a 10MM). So I will pour over your data and hope there are good gains in the 10MM which will justify the purchase of the Thereon.

BTW, I own carbines in 44 Magnum and 357 Magnum and both show very substantial gains in velocity when fired from a carbine compared to a handgun. In fact, the gains are so striking in the 357 Magnum (300 to 400 fps) that the 357 Magnum is a completely different cartridge when fired out of a carbine.

Again, thanks for the good work - I'm familliar with the effort - and I appreciate it.

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