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I am still trying to figure out where you guys figure LWD done you wrong? Seriously. Somehow you misunderstood the MATCH GRADE chamber you were purchasing would still chamber the lead reloads which you CLEARLY state do not conform to any SAMMI spec anyway. I think the contention here is the fact that we have you return the barrel and charge $30 to rechamber ...... to fit that non-spec load..... you knew would not fit the match grade chamber anyway.... right? I just wanted to try and get that point clear, right? Oh yah, I knew the reload would not fit unless.... oh yah..... it was the same as a factory round, lead load, like winchester cowboy loads? Which BTW, fit perfectly.

Whatever it is, I MUST accept full responsibility for all the disgruntled (ness). Anyhow, I had a great conversation with Dave Kiff at Pacific Tool and Gauge today. Maybe some of you know him? Dave knows well what we do and why we do it, he built our reamers in the first place. BTW: The man has a stelar reputation in this industry. So, I have solid measurements HOWEVER it would do no good to post them. Given plenty of opportunity to post, non have complied, so I can only assume you would not understand dimensions anyway. Suffice it to say the $30 chamber modification we currently offer is one and the same used by Colt, Remington & Ruger. I guess we must have our ducks in a row because nobody has complained about a LWD modified chamber failing...... right?

I guess the complaint MUST be about returning the barrel and paying $30 to modify it from a match grade to a standard Colt, Remington,Ruger grade.... oh yah, the same chamber you pay KKM and Storm Lake more (excessive) money for in the first place, right? I keep thinking this whole thread is about $30? There is 4 or 5 of you guys willing to perpetuate a hate thread over $30? Unfortunately I think this has grown far past a simple free service at this point. Offering free anything to this crowd would do nothing to resolve any ill feelings towards LWD.

I think the only thing I can do, is change the barrel description on our web site to offer the purchaser a match grade chamber (as stated) or a reloaders chamber similar to the one offered by all the others?

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