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I understand I bought a match grade barrel but it also says safe to shoot lead with. If I load a FMJ round it works fine. if I load a lead round its to tight. The dimensions directly correlate to the extra .001 that is with lead and because of that it will not chamber. If I run it through the sizer a SECOND time it will just barely fit but the rounds are junk as the bullet can almost be pulled out. I just think a company should put something like "ok with lead but will need reamed out to function properly." Thats all.

It is a nice barrel when shooting FMJ's I will give it that but I noticed ZERO change in groupings so it did not help accuracy. I still shot a 460 in PPC. The whole reason I bought the barrel though was to shoot lead. I see very little reason to buy an aftermarket barrel when the stock is as good as it is. Lead was the only reason for me. I tried loading as deep and as shallow as I could to allow for changes in brass and length. I found at least 1 out of 10 rounds at the very least that would not chamber. Just upsetting is all.
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