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Originally Posted by Colorado4Wheel View Post
JR is the only one that doesn't seem to understand that when you advertise a barrel as being good with lead it should actually work with lead. KKM, Wilson and Storm Lake figured that out from the start.
No kidding. And he keeps bringing it up too. I guess he thinks that it's all good as long as we spell his name right.

JR, since you asked (again), I'll explain it (again). The problem is you advertise a product as being suitable for shooting lead bullets through a Glock. This obviously means reloads. Then you sell a product that won't work for that application. You used to correct the problem for free, now you charge a fee. Now, you're dealing with some people here who have been reloading for 50 years, some who are commercial ammunition manufacturers, and you blame the reloader!

You're entitled to have you're own opinion, and so are we. My opinion is that your chambers are too small and that you are too caught up in your own self to realize it. This opinion is held by many on this thread, but not all. Those who hold this opinion of your product, and and you, are critical of you and your product.

I'll tell you, at age 10, I met the President of the US operation of Aston Martin. This is a guy that was selling custom made cars worth over $150,000.00 back in the 1970's. He spent an hour with me, showing me the cars even though he new I couldn't buy one. He sent me personal correspondence on bonded paper signed with a fountain pen a month or so later. That made on impression on me and I remember it like it was yesterday. Now not every CEO can afford to do things like that, but that is a classy way to do things.
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