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Originally Posted by JR View Post
Whatever it is, I MUST accept full responsibility for all the disgruntled (ness). Anyhow, I had a great conversation with Dave Kiff at Pacific Tool and Gauge today. Maybe some of you know him? Dave knows well what we do and why we do it, he built our reamers in the first place. BTW: The man has a stelar reputation in this industry. So, I have solid measurements HOWEVER it would do no good to post them. Given plenty of opportunity to post, non have complied, so I can only assume you would not understand dimensions anyway. Suffice it to say the $30 chamber modification we currently offer is one and the same used by Colt, Remington & Ruger.
Your just not very good at this. It's not our job to give you specs. We are the customer. We primarily want something that works. BUT, if you think a bunch of reloaders don't know how to read some numbers then you really don't know anything about this group.

Here is how most people think of you and your company's barrel/chamber came to be in the market.

I am going to make the BEST barrel ever. It's going to be "Match Grade" so I am going to make it to the smallest size listed for SAMMI spec. Then I will use standard rifling, sell it cheaper then everyone else selling a Glock Barrel because I made mine in some 3rd world country. Then I can claim it's the best because it's smaller then everyone elses and I sell more of them then any other barrel maker.

Problem is you QC has to be spot on if you are making it to min spec. No QC is perfect all the time.
Problem is all lead bullets are out of spec from the get go in 9mm and .40 and SIG.

If I owned a company I would pay to have that guy who bought two if your barrels to ship them back so you can compare them to the KKM. I would buy several KKM in every caliber and actually chamber cast them and see what OTHER MATCH GRADE barrels are really like. Then I would set out to make a barrel that actually worked for the reloader of the world and the Factory ammo would also work perfectly.

I would not say things like you did in this thread that belittles the people who buy your products and tries to make them look like they don't know anything. Those same people know more about this subject then you. Of that I am 100% sure.

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