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Originally Posted by Colorado4Wheel View Post
JR is the only one that doesn't seem to understand that when you advertise a barrel as being good with lead it should actually work with lead. KKM, Wilson and Storm Lake figured that out from the start.

I shoot tons of lead thru my various LW barrels; it works just fine.
You are missing the point. It's not about lead; it's about the dimensions of the final round. LW barrels do have tight chambers and short throats as does EVERY other "match barrel" that is designed for precision. If you can make uniform spec rounds that fit in a "match barrel" then they will work regardless of being plated, jacketed, hard cast, soft lead etc.

If you want to load uber loads to long COL with big honkin WFN bullets then you might need a longer throat which JR generously offers to do for $30. That is a bargain if you ask me.
LW makes a good product for a very reasonable price, has good customer service and prompt shipping. Their barrels are exactly what they advertise them to be. If that is not what you want buy a different barrel; doesn't make LW barrels a bad product.
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