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Originally Posted by JR View Post
Wisky: Not a Demo at all.... simply stated I feel like one. Now I can relate to their feelings completely. You basically stated our customers were brainless and expected plugs to reduce there over all times (points)? Whatever. I figured you must have been somebody or done something remarkable? list it?
dkf: I have been in the business from the very start of Glock. Shot with the original crew. Watched their improvements over the years which completely proves my statement: Perfection is in the making!

I am wondering how many CEO's sign up for this type banter? Seems LWD gets a lot of flack for not listening however is one of the original supporters of GT and innovaters of Glock products. Here I am .... making changes as (basically) requested. I hope you guys dont take this stuff personal. (the banter) Truth be known: I am sitting in my room, second story Shilo Inn Seaside OR looking at a almost empty glass of Vodka Tonic, watching the waves roll in, asking myself....... why do I bother with this conversation?

Hey, you can try to change the subject of this thread to being about me all you want. The fact is, your products, and attitude have been displayed for all to see and it is immortalized on the interwebs
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