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added a glock 23, gen 3, to the collection. swapped out for an extended slide stop lever, smooth trigger and glock minus connector as i do on all 4 of them so far.
also ordered 2 sets of the ameriglo hackathorn night sights for my g35 and g23.
enough components for 2K rounds of .40 and the dies.
also ordered an Insight WL1-AA pistol light. i am really excited to see how it compares to the m3 and m3x i have owned in the past. i have gotten to where i really hate cr123 batteries so between this and my greg mcgee c3-907s, i am all AA battery for all of my working lights, with the exception of a couple D cell maglights i keep in the cars to double as batons.

also, lastly i ordered a Comp-tac paddle holster and 2 single mag pouches for the glock 35.
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