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You know, I bought my LWD 9mm barrel so I could shoot lead in my G26. I knew ahead of time that the loads I cranked out on my 550b for a G19 (in the days before anyone knew lead was bad for polygonal/Glock barrels) might not chamber in the tighter chamber/shorter throat of the LWD barrel. These loads certainly wouldn't chamber well is a custom Hi-Power with a new BarSto barrel!

I took a chance, and yep, they don't chamber. So, when I eventually get around to it, I will be sending in a dummy round with my LWD G26 barrel to have the throat reamed to work with these mass produced practice rounds... I don't feel like pulling some 800 rounds and starting over, lol.

BUT, I will be sending JR the $10 or whatever it costs to have this done. I knew this might be the case, and it is with my barrel. I don't expect a free service for something I expected to need to pay.

I think everyone knows the aftermarket barrels are tighter than stock Glock barrels. Its why we get these barrels for 10mm and 45 Super. Better case head support, sometimes better accuracy, etc. I have had zero problems with my LWD 6", 4 port G21 barrel for 45 Super.

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