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Originally Posted by shotgunred View Post
This one is for you JR.

This one is from 1 31 2010

Anyone who disagrees with him is a Democrat. After all name calling is better than logic.
And this is for you SGRed:

Originally Posted by JR View Post
No, I plan to waive the $30 fee in this instance.
If anybody reading this thread has a LWD barrel that is not performing as well as they think it should, I will ask them to return the barrel so we can recut the chamber to the COLT (you see, I have a name for it) spec chamber. Once the barrel is received I simply request they post their findings here on this thread. You guys may be disgruntled but I firmly believe you are honest so you are going to say the barrel works as advertized. (I win again)
Once this chamber is accepted, I will most likely change all the Gen4 chambers to fit the same. Yes that is correct, I will change 10's of thousands of barrel chambers to stop these 5 guys from their rant. NOW I TOTALLY FEEL LIKE A DEMOCRAT! Change the needs of the many to fit the 5!
Oh yah, because I detest this chamber I will drop the price too. I will sell more barrels in May than I normally do in 6 months.

PS: If you want your chamber hogged out to this Colt spec simply mail it to us at the regular LWD address and print on the outside of the package "GT Hole Requested".
PSS: *You must also write a personal note saying you think I am a great guy and awesome listener. (come on, now thats funny!)
Keepin' it real huh? Real dumb! You spent the last two years trying to get me and you missed the fact that JR was the one who brought up the idea of him being a democrat.
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