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Originally Posted by ede View Post
It's a nice place, as nice as any range I've been too. Talking with the the two Mobile County SO guys putting the match on their biggest worry is making sure they take care of the shooters and everyone has a good experience.
No walking up and down hills to get to stages and see which ones are running fast or slow. Bathrooms, registration and vendors within 50 yds. Possibly and extra M and 5toG on the rifle deck.
We should have a practice rack and maybe D1s for checking sights on a pay per mag with proceeds to charity. Supposed to have an ammo vendor on sight and possibly Ed's Public Safety if they can make it (fingers crossed). The SO Reserve will be doing the concessions and the police explorers will be running score sheets and helping paste targets.

...and yes, Kitty, I AM EXCITED. I was informed that since I was the one doing the promoting and the one that pushed them to get it, they want me to make sure it works and they want to be able to worry about making it safe and fun so everyone will come back. Also, if this works, they might host some PPC and other shooting types.
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