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I was wondering about the reason behind controllability of this pistol during the range session. There was nearly no recoil and very little muzzle rise (having both arms injured with the left elbow badly hurting in nearly any position I'm more recoil sensitive those days than usual). I did measure the bore axis position and it seems that my initial observation was correct. It's low. Actually the web of the hand is only 0.75 of an inch below the centerline of the bore. That explains a lot.

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To give You an idea how low it really is, here is my 1911 in comparison. The same measurement shows 1.70 of an inch.

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Speaking of the web of my hand. For some reason the pistol scratched it during the last shooting session. It's not really typical thing for 9mm, so I inspected the frame closely.
Here is what I found...

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There was a small, sharp piece of plastic sticking out from the frame and cutting into my hand. Leftover from the frame molding process I guess. Sandpaper corrected the problem.
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