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Originally Posted by JR View Post
Rechamber Update: I have been contacted by one person regarding a rechamber. If there are any readers out their possessing a LWD barrel that does not chamber their load please contact me direct at [EMAIL=""][/EMAIL]
That's all well & good JR...but why limit it only to readers on a forum???

I can buy a used Leupold scope or RCBS dies or any number of other firearm accessories & be confident that they'll work or the factory will either replace or repair the item...

From everything I've read, KKM is such a company...

Your product, your decision, but because of the reports I've read on this & other forums on the quality of your custom service department & even some of your own comments on this thread, there is absolutely no way I'll ever do business with your company...I'd hazard a guess that there are a whole bunch others who read these threads without ever posting...something to think about before you let your fingers do the talking.
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