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As many have said before about the BHP, I found the trigger less than satisfactory. This was after a prior owner had removed the magazine safety. I feel that the gun should have the safeties intact, so I ordered the replacement parts from browning. Also, I found the trigger to have alot of take-up, creep, and over-travel. I ordered a new trigger lever, in case I screwed this one up, but it seems to be doing well. I elongated it, and adjusted the angle of the sear lever, so that the trigger engages much sooner. Stoned and polished my hammer/sear, and welded a little nip onto the end of the front of the trigger, as an over-travel stop. This trigger is now about as close to a 1911 as it can get. I may flatten out the face a bit, and I'm getting a new trigger return spring from browning as well.

Can't wait to hit the range with it, maybe tomorrow. The trigger pull is only about 1/4th of an inch (measured the bottom of the trigger moving across the trigger guard), maybe 5lbs, and the reset is short and quick. It's not real positivebut I'm sure the new return spring will cure that.

Here's the front of the trigger where I applied just a dot of a weld, then filed it back down while watching TV and fitting it to the frame.
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