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Originally Posted by seanmac45 View Post
One Mapp hearing in particular stands out in my mind because I never spoke a word;

Get sworn in.

First question by defense counsel; "Lieutenant, why did you stop my client on the night of ______ __ 19__?

I opened my folder and handed out three packets of stapled paper, one each to the judge, defense counsel and prosecutor.

Each package contained a copy of the SEVENTEEN previous arrest reports for the same defendant, ALL for possession with intent to sell. FIFTEEN of which were in the same building courtyard that he was collared in on the present case. Vital entries highlighted (peigree, charges, and locations).

Defense counsel begins gagging and fighting for air.

Prosecutor is looking worried.

Judge is trying to suppress a giggle.

Short recess was called for the defense counsel to compose himself.

Upon going back on the record the Judge stated I was dismissed and the evidence was admitted.

Prosecutor warned me never to try that crap again.

Perp took the plea before trial.

Stop, Question and Frisk, it's good for the soul.
Glad it worked out for you, but I was under the ass-umption that you couldn't use criminal history or prior arrests as PC, does that not work for reasonable suspicion?

Don't worry, I agree he was likely a turd, and still is to this day- and I also don't think it takes any stretch of the imagination to get the bracelets on someone like that
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