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Back from the range.

General Firearms Forum

270 rounds total today:
50 of American Eagle 147 grain TMJ
50 of American Eagle 124 grain FMJ
10 of Remington Golden Sabre 124 grain JHP
10 of Federal Guardian Dog 105 grain EFMJ
100 of Winchester White Box 115 grain FMJ
50 of reloads 115 grain FMJ
Zero problems to report. 100% reliable. Trigger is smoothing up and I'm starting to have better feel for it. Only one in five - six empty casings were ejected at my forehead this time, so big improvement there. I like the slip-on grip a lot. Having much better control of the pistol is always nice. It seems that the pistol has slight preference for 124 grain loads with most consistent accuracy noticed. Those two groups were fired from 7 meters away using 124 grain ammo. 1 round fired every 1-1.5 seconds. I'm sure that the pistol is far more accurate than I'll ever be. So far so good.

General Firearms Forum
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