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A lot depends on what components you are using.

If you want jacketed bullet, new brass, basically like factory new ammo it would go something like this: $.14/case, $.12/bullet, $.03/primer, $.015/powder for a grand total of, call it $.31/round or $15.50 for a box of 50. This is all premium components.

If you buy once fired brass, use a plated bullet, you are quickly down to $.19/round or $9.50 a box of 50.

If you are willing to pick up your brass and load lead bullets you buy from a premium source, call it $.12/round or $6. a box of 50.

For maximum savings, you can cast your own lead bullets call it $.09/round or $4.50 a box of 50.

This doesn't include the cost of the reloading equipment, or your time of course.
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