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Originally Posted by vaquero aleman View Post
Somewhere in the multitude of threads I remember a coment stating that a cartridge that is slightly shorter than the barrel chamber that it was designed for is not safe to shoot in that barrel. Is this a myth or is there a specific reason not to shoot ammo from a barrel with a gap? And if this is the case, then why not a problem with a revolver, since all revolvers shoot with a gap between the shell and the beginning of the barrel?

In auto pistols that headspace on the rim it is possible to have misfires. I remember reading specificaly on the Rowland not to shoot ACP or Supers in it because of that very problem.

In the case of the 10mm/40 the nature of the .40 case will hang in the chamber mouth on the extractor as WeeWilly stated. I have heard of several gents shooting .40s from their 10s with no problems.

In revolvers there are some problems. I remember Freedom Arms putting out a bulletin because shooters were shooting .45 LC in their .454 revolvers. Carbon build up was causing big problems when they tried to shoot the .454s later. reflex264
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