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I threw caution to the wind today, since I received my Sprinco Cor Bon recoil reducer for my 21 I decided to take a mag of 45 super and a mag of 460 Rowland over to the shooting hole. I have a LWD 45TH that I reamed out for 460 Rowland and cut the threaded portion of the barrel off to make it easier for CCW.

I ran the 45 Super first and except for the feeding problems that I have been having, I had no other problems. And, of course, the 460 Rowland feeding problems were much worse. But, I can say that it shot the 45 Super very well. It only misfed about every 4th round. Once I get my extra power mag springs it will most likely feed 45 Super flawlessly.

I saw no buildup of carbon at the throat either, granted I only shot 13 rounds of 45 Super. I feel satisfied that it will handle 45 Super or ACP.

But that does not mean that I won't keep asking questions. I am very interested in reading stories about peoples experience with gaps in pistol barrels. I really don't want to be one of the statistics.

P.S. The Sprinco probably works great for 45 ACP hot loads, but it did not tame the 460 Rowland, the slide was smackin the frame pretty good. Next range trip I am going to use my 24# recoil spring with the Sprinco unit.
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