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Originally Posted by ApokealypseNow View Post
The BladeTech Nano, the MiltSparks Summer Special, and CompTac Infidel all look similar. Are they all just different brands' versions of the same concepts?
Milt Sparks is the only holster maker that had permission from Bruce Nelson to manufacture the "Summer Special" IWB holster. Rough side out leather with a reinforced mouth to help with re-holstering. The other 2 holster mentioned above are kydex versions but imho not as comfortable. The SS2 will break in within a week or so and the leather kinda conforms a bit to your hip. I have 3 milt sparks summer specials! 1 for my 1911, 1 for my Glock19 and 1 for my new S&W shield!
I also had no need for NV, so I went with the 512. As far as the submersion, if I'm 10 feet under water and still holding onto my rifle, something has gone terribly awry and I don't think an extra 23 feet is going to matter to me. YMMV
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