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Originally Posted by Nestor View Post
Here is what I don't like: every second or third empty case was ejected in very positive way right at my forehead and if not for the hat that I was wearing I would be even more ugly today than usual.
oh no. are you storing your new ruger too close to your late GEN3 or early GEN4 Glocks? is the "ejected to my face" disease spreading?! quick!! separate them immediately and get that ruger on some anti-biotics!!!!

my first new pistol was a ruger P89 in early 90s and loved that gun. some may say, 'cheap taste, cheap guns', but i didnt care. i shot it well and never let me down. maybe its time to look at ruger again. looking forward to more updates in the future. in the mean time, i'll visit my LGS and handle one of these just to see how it feels in my hand.
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