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Originally Posted by devildog2067 View Post
Hey, I can read SeekingAlpha too! Link

You might want to consider citing a source the next time you decide to borrow someone else's words.

And that said, let's look at the numbers. It's true that gold has outperformed BKR.A since 2000:

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but what about since 1990?

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As you can see, BKR.A has outperformed gold over the last 22 years, if not the last 12. I couldn't find any charts going back to 1980 and I don't have time to make one, but I suspect it's even more stark.

You keep choosing "since 2000" as your time horizon, for no reason other than that it justifies your position. Yes, gold has done better than equities over the last 12 years. No, that is not a reason to think that it will continue to do so forever.

Nobody is saying gold will do better forever. In the '80s and '90s, stocks were the place to be. Since 2000, gold is, and IMHO that won't change for the next 5+ years.

Gold fell in 1980 because Volcker put a lid on the money supply and interest rates went up to 15%+. What would those rates to to our servicing our $15 trillion debt?
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