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Originally Posted by Brucev View Post
Not much different from the internet defenders of truth, justice and the American way who instantly spring to the defense of the killer. Of course their defense is only driven by truth, justice and the American way. They are not at all driven by concerns of cc, syg, 2nd Amendment, or even simply not "liking" a bmw.
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Oh, and out of curiosity, what sort of malady is it that causes you to so frequently mangle the nearly idiot-proof quote feature? And is that malady also the cause of your constant misuse of words like "stalking" and "confront"?

Lastly, is there a charitable foundation which supports research to cure said malady? I'd gladly make a humble donation myself, and vigorously encourage others to do so as well. I'm sure we'll find a cure... Us 'Mericans can do anything.
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