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Originally Posted by EGH129 View Post
Obviously Zimmerman is an evil liar, he on his face book page listed himself as Latino / hispanic when we all know hes a racist white man. And killing a poor little 5th grader as his pic is being portrayed in the paper. This racist BS about him being 6'3" 175 lbs, yeah right look at his cute little face. Zimmerman is so evil he'd even slam the back of his head in the pavement, break his own nose just to justify killing that adorable little child. Wake up america, white people are inheritantly evil preying upon defeseless
black folk who only want to get along and be productive members of society.
Pssst... You forgot the part where the evil White Hispanic (with an Afro-Peruvian lineage) damaged the poor dead child's knuckles--by pounding them with his face--in order to frame the hapless lad.

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