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Originally Posted by CAcop View Post
To be honest we have beaten this horse until it is glue. That's why my first post was "Terry Stop. Google it."

Unfortunately there are people on this board who hate government and all government employees. I don't know why and at this point don't care. I am not going to spend hours writing pages about Terry stops and all the associated case law. It is out there at their fingertips ready to be learned. Yet none of it will never be read because it is so much more fun to trash talk.

There is ignorance due to lack of exposure and there is willfull ignorance due to arrogance.
I understand all of that. And I don't want you to spend "hours" explaining anything to anyone. I just think it would be helpful if people who know things can point people who don't know things in the right direction. We don't know what we don't know. Feel free to ignore those who aren't interested or just hate everyone.

I am a federal employee so I get what you mean.
Being a conservative and being a good leader is not enough for some people. They want to measure your principles by how harshly you criticize the people that disagree with you. There’s a technical term for that political strategy: stupid. ~State Sen. Shawn Mitchell, R-CO

Americans have put clowns in for government officials and wonder why this place runs like a circus. ~engineer151515
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