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If the SHTF will you be capable of Physical Violence against another?

Not sure if I've seen this topic on here but it is a good one to consider.

Some of you are most likely military or LEO so you may have shot at someone before perhaps even wounded or ended a life.

But for civilians these days some or quite possibly most have never really had to 'fight' someone or have physically injure someone on purpose.

Back in the day fist fights on the playground were common and that is how things got settled. However these days this is a no-no. Some may have never been in a real life physical confrontation before.

If society goes awry chances are that you might have to defend yourself. Quite possibly in a face to face close encounter.

Have you ever been attacked before by someone that wanted to inflict harm on you or a loved one and what did you do?

If you have never been in that position you may want to really think about what you could do.
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