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different response

I will respond to the caption.

1. anyone is capable of physical resistance except perhaps a quadriplegic.

2. any person with martial artist experience will inform you that the first thing a competent instructor emphasizes is to avoid a fight and to avoid contact.

3. there is a mantra in competent shooting instruction that distance means safety. The same applies in physical combat.

4. Pugman - the smaller person in trained in the martial arts actually has the advantage over a larger person.

5. no matter what the training, when you grapple, you give up a lot of your advantage, if any.

6. OP - even monitored, careful practice in the fighting skills produces injuries - been there (hospitalized).

7. As Bruce Lee said, you need only 5 moves. Human ergonomics dictates the basic (same ) moves in escrima, knife fighting, entrenching tool fighting using your arms.

8. I don't advocate hurting people. I advocate learning human ergonomics, daily exercise, situational awareness and being physically fit. No, I haven't had a fight since probably 1957. And then, OP, I had no choice and took on 7 and only needed to beat the first opponent before the others ran.
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