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Originally Posted by G19G20 View Post
That's a diversionary tactic. The conduct described in the OP has nothing in common with a Terry Stop. Nothing at all. Did you even read the OP article? The NYPD is stopping people randomly (profiling) and then using it as an excuse for pat downs and searches. A Terry stop requires at least an initial reasonable suspicion of criminal involvement to initiate contact and the pat down becomes incidental to the stop. One is random, the other is targeted based on articulable facts. Guess which is which.

Hmm...I googled "Terry Stop" as you requested and the first result is Wiki.

Here's the first section of the Fox News article in the OP:

Nothing was found. Why? Because it was a purely random stop based on NO articulable facts other than Mr. Bilal, a black man carrying a bag, happened to be in the same area as a cop that had nothing better to do than to harrass a law abiding citizen doing his laundry.

This is NOT A TERRY STOP. This is a fishing expedition based on intimidation and NYPD has made it policy.

Im wondering who the one displaying willful ignorance is in this thread is.

Want to try again? It's no wonder people "hate" government employees. You're a poster child for why.
From your own link:

When a search for weapons is authorized, the procedure is known as a “stop and frisk”.
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