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As a CCW permit-holder, I've made the conscious decision that, if necessary, I will shoot someone who is immediately endangering my life, my family's lives, or is committing a felony during which I feel that someone else life is in imminent danger. In this I am supported by the rule of law.

As such, I prepare myself to act decisively and responsibly should the need for such action arise. In a defensive situation, the biggest error one can make is not recognizing an imminent threat in time. The second worst is not acting decisively enough to defeat it.

SHTF presents some additional considerations. Namely, protection of property. I believe that in a situation where I'm forced into a survival mode brought about by the loss of societal checks and balances, the rules will change, and an assault on my property will become an assault which puts me in imminent danger. In a SHTF scenario, where the rule of law is absent, or greatly reduced, I will defend myself, my family, and my property against attack.
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