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Originally Posted by Sam Spade View Post
A pat-down, aka "frisk" is a search.
And if he doesn't understand something as basic as the definition of a search, just how can he tell the rest of us how to do our jobs? Oh, wait - easily. Throw out some opinions that have no basis in decades of established case law from across the country, because such opinions fit his point of view. Ignore all evidence to the contrary, and simply spout off about the Nazi-like practices of today's system of policing.

Hey Sean - you and a few other are old enough to remember when things were different. You guys may have participated (or at least heard stories) of how old timers use to police. Think things are kindler and gentler these days? I know I've heard stories about working the in 70's and 80's, and honestly. - I think a lot of folks would be shocked to hear how things were done in the old days.
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