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Originally Posted by seanmac45 View Post
My comments, which you chose to take out of context, were directed at ONE poster in this thread who simply wants to stamp his feet and pout that such procedures are unfair. Sorry. But the adults in the fields of the courts and law enforcement have determined otherwise.
You know, I'm just going to give up here. I tried to be as respectful as possible when asking you LEOs who don't like it when people say "never talk to the police" to just IGNORE those folks and spend a little time enlightening people who might want to learn. Which you did; I never said otherwise. Rather than recognizing my request as such, you lambasted me for "[choosing] to take (your comments) out of context." I couldn't care less about what you think of other posters. I'm just trying to ask for a little info in general. Sorry you think I'm some hostile entity wasting your time.
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