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Originally Posted by NetPIMP View Post
Serial# Thread here says January 2010.

*2* of `em? Dude... do they grow on trees there? I'm friggin' movin'!

If you decide to part with one of `em, let me know... Wifey wants one!
Thanks for the info

Yeah, I made the same comment to myself when I came across the second one. I was browsing local online classifieds and by chance this one popped up and I knew it wasn't going to last but a few minutes before someone snatched it up. The first one was practically brand new, still had copper grease and no marks on barrel hood, safe kept by an older gentleman who was getting rid of some guns.

This second one is also basically in new condition as well with only slight wear on the barrel hood. It was originally a blue label and the mags were marked 1-5 on the baseplates. I think whoever had it put a few rounds downrange and kept it stored in its case. It came with Trijicon sights (HD front), 5xmags, Ghost Connector, Tungsten Guide rod, Stock Guide rod, Punisher Slide Cover plate, Stock Slide Cover plate, and factory extended controls. After a detail strip and cleaning, I replaced the Ghost with a factory dot connector, and replaced the controls with Vickers....tossed the "punisher" slide cover plate and tungsten guide rod into the parts bin.

I regret to say that I will never be selling these babies :(
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