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I realize that, I simply meant that what kept me from checking on her in the first place was an uncertainty and fear about what might happen to me if I was grossly overpowered by an angry abuser. That (fortunately) wasn't the case, but it could have been. Calling the police in that situation, prior to knowing what I know now, may have been wise.. but I figured that if anything was happening I should put a stop to it sooner rather than later. If she had been hurt I'd have certainly called the police, rather than trying to physically intervene. There was just that concern about what might happen to me in the interim.

Basically I began carrying because I wish(ed) to feel less vulnerable on those occasions when I'm potentially at the mercy of someone able to do me great harm. I'm not a white knight of any sort, and don't intend to run around rescuing damsels in distress and looking for a reason to shoot someone.
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