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Originally Posted by Matthew Courtney View Post
One rifle is at my dealer. The other should be in tomorrow. We will do the initial function testing and break in with Iron sights, then an accuracy check with a Leupold mark 3 3.5-10 x 50 and several types of ammo. As rentals for our carbine course, students will be able to put Aimpoint Micro's, Bushnell Holosights, or a Leupold VX 3 1.5-5 illuminated on them. Every 4000 rounds or so, we'll put the 3.5-10 back on 'em for another accuracy review.

Sounds solid to me.

Originally Posted by m814 View Post
Been using this since the late 90's. Tried some of the wonderlubes. No problems with most, I like Weaponshield a lot. It smells good. I always go back to Mobile 1 with just enough Dexron III to give a reddish tint, and a little Marvel Mystery oil for a good smell, if you want. It works as good as anything I have ever seen and is indescribably more economical.

BTW, I have a small bottle of Slip2K EWL. While it is as good as my mix, it is no better, and much more expensive.
A 4oz bottle of S2K has lasted me over a year at this point (of light to moderate shooting time), and I still have well over half a bottle. Between that bottle, and the new bottle of EWL, I have paid a grand total of $13 - and I won't need more for quite a while. It works exceptionally well, it doesn't stain my clothes, and I don't have to mix it myself. I call that a good deal.
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