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Originally Posted by Catshooter View Post
This actually is a more important question than it first seems.

A fully honest answer to this question should come before even buying your first gun for self defense.

It is more important than most anything else in self defense. If you're not willing to harm another, will you even slap them? Let alone anything further.

Many, many people with less than zero training (they've seen movies/TV) have sucessfully defended themselves because they made the decision to use violence if it was needed beforehand.

Honestly making the decision is more important than owning or training with a weapon.



Here is a tragic reminder of what happens when you are NOT willing to use deadly force when it is called for! There may (or may not) be time for commands & if ignored ....especially ignored with an obvious deadly intent...everything else is secondary to stopping the threat... post haste!

The video is very graphic...not for the squeamish!

I understand the LEO was a really good guy, & had just been informed that day his wife was pregnant with their 2nd child. He was about to get off shift when this encounter ended his life!
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