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Hey, guys. Sorry for the delay in the update. Things are really getting hectic with the range setup... in a good way.

First update: We have been FULLY approved by the Town of Davie for the range! Stay tuned for more details on our exact location as well as our groundbreaking ceremony!

Florida Glockers Club

Second update: We are proud to announce that we have selected Action Target to outfit Nexus Shooting! Action Target is an industry leader and provides top quality products to the commercial, law enforcement, and military sectors. Specifically, we will be utilizing their innovative Total Containment Trap which utilizes steel ramps leading into a deceleration chamber where the bullet loses momentum and falls into a collection unit. This is a military/law enforcement grade setup and to our knowledge, no other commercial range uses this trap in South Florida.

This design is complete free of vertical structural elements which would otherwise cause ricochets and bullet splatter back towards the shooter. Utilizing this advanced system will allow our customers to shoot as close as just a few feet from the bullet trap in complete safety. In addition, the absence of vertical obstructions allows for cross lane shooting all the way from the first to the last lane. The trap is completely HEPA filtered by their patented Dust Collection Unit to capture any lead dust produced, ensuring for a clean and healthy shooting environment. Watch the video below to see the system in action!

Bernard Hsiao, MD, PhD, Co-Owner of Nexus
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