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Originally Posted by vram74 View Post
Someone who purchased a Sport in another forum is reporting that his model didn't have m4 feed ramps, no staking on the castle nut and a commercial buffer tube. I'd be interested in whether or not yours comes the same way. My sport has the ramps, staking and mil tube, but I bought it last summer.
I saw that too, and if it is as he describes, it isn't a M&P 15 Sport. I also saw on another forum where a member bought a "new" S&W and when he took it to the range, it had problems. He was trying to troubleshoot it and was finally convinced to ship it back and let S&W fix it. Well, S&W sent it back to him and told him it wasn't their rifle. Their lower, but not their upper. Be careful what you buy when it comes to an AR-15.
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