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1. Off duty police officer shot in the parking garage of my apt. complex, 15 minutes after I had left for work and in the exact spot my truck was parked.

2. Man senselessly murdered, shot in the head while changing a flat tire, at a gas station I had been at a few hours earlier.

3. Shootings, shootings and more shootings in my city, in my neighborhood, and for a 30 mile radius of my house

4. What Thomas Jefferson said, every single one of his quotes are ingenious.

5. It's a crazy world out there, and those of us who say "why carry a GUN?" I say, "why not?"

They usually can not answer that question. You'll never catch me trying to be the "neighborhood hero", or the "hero who saved the day", but I will say this much...if someone pulls a gun in my presence for criminal intentions, then my life is in danger. I am not sitting around waiting, hoping they don't decide to shoot me while robbing the store, bank, or whatever else.

For young bucks armed with nothing but fists, I have pepper spray. I would not wanna be the next you know who, but I'd rather be judged by 12 than carried by 6, at least in Texas. God Bless America.

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