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Originally Posted by m814 View Post
Been using this since the late 90's. Tried some of the wonderlubes. No problems with most, I like Weaponshield a lot. It smells good. I always go back to Mobile 1 with just enough Dexron III to give a reddish tint, and a little Marvel Mystery oil for a good smell, if you want. It works as good as anything I have ever seen and is indescribably more economical.

BTW, I have a small bottle of Slip2K EWL. While it is as good as my mix, it is no better, and much more expensive.
I bought a bottle of Weaponsheild myself and I like it a lot but as you said, I've got some Amsoil ATF and a ton of Mobil 1 laying around that I'll be using after that goes, it's just too cheap and you're not gonna beat it. Anyone with even a remedial amount of chemisty background understands how overpriced the "wonderlubes" are.
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