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This could be a GREAT thread, but it's not.

First, nobody can be prosecuted for their admission to violence without a crime: corpus delecti.
Second, it's more relevant what you've experienced.
Third, if you've run it over in you head you are probably in better shape...
Fourth, training is great, but self defense training is not.

I've been in more fights than I'm proud of and had knives, bats and 2 guns pulled on me. I'm still breathing, more from luck than skill. I believe if you're over 35 (my last fight) and still at it you're an idiot. I avoid fights now like I avoid fat people, both are signs of weakness.

Can you kill? Anyone can. Can you live with it and not be a PTSD victim is the real issue.

Movies are Fiction!, but the fight scene in Die Hard is a good example of adrenaline and determination v "training". I've had "trained" fighters bloody me and then give up when my thumb was in their eye socket or my middle finger was up their nose. I've also been smacked around a time or three.

Nobody wins a fight. NOBODY wins a shooting, just ask Mr. Zimmerman.

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