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Originally Posted by Haldor View Post
Hell, I'm capable of it now. I wouldn't own self defense weapons if i was incapable of violence.

My opinion is that everybody is capable of violence.
Yes, everyone is capable of it. But are they willing? The difference is everything.

The real question is how you respond when suddenly thrust into a situation where you must fight to survive. That is where experience, training, social conditioning and your own mental makeup really determine the outcome.

Nope. Before experience, training, social conditioning and mental make up come willingness. Willingness controls everything else.

Not ever having been in one of these situations I don't really know for certain how I will respond. I do believe that thinking through the issues before being put into a bad spot makes sense (so I am not trying to figure out what I could/should do in a certain situation instead of responding). Training and discussion is a way to work out what the appropriate responses would be beforehand and the more realistic the training the better.

Correct. All that can lead to the correct decision. But the decision must be made or one will hesitate/dither. People can die in those gaps.

The second to the last thing I would ever want to do is kill someone when I absolutely didn't need to. The very last thing I would ever want to do is let someone harm me or a member of my family due to my own inaction/paralysis.

I am not looking forward to the idea of using violence and I have no doubt that if I was forced to use it that it would cause me mental distress afterward. Beats losing a loved one though.
A person is never 'forced' into violence. A bad guy about to rape/kill your wife forces you into nothing at all. Many, faced with that circumstance succumb. Violence is a choise we make when faced with circumstances that it would solve to our benefit. Begging for mercy is a choice too, and one picked by many.

Or so I think. You're of course welcome to think otherwise. But this is what my experience with and thinking about violence has brought me to.

As I type this I am facing my sliding glass door. If someone were to come smashing through it right now it would be my choice to pick up the .45 next to the 'puter and see if I could stop his actions/plans. I've got 15 chances!

Think for yourself.
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