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Originally Posted by seanmac45 View Post
The Mayor of the City of New York has absolutely NOTHING to do with NYPD Stop Question and Frisk procedures.

They have been in place without change since at LEAST 1982 when I first learned them in the Police Academy.

So your hatred of Bloomberg has no bearing on the topic at hand. These procedures were written to ensure full compliance with the Constitution as interpreted by the Supreme Court. Whether you agree with the arrest rate or not is moot. There are a variety of reasons why stops are legally conducted that do not result in arrests, and they are all quite proper within the boundaries of current statute.

Therefore, again, I suggest you take it up with them.
Does Bloomberg ringingly endorse stop and frisks or not? I would say he does. Does Bloomberg, as the chief executive of NYC, have the power to make changes to police procedure? Probably. Is Bloomberg a big government, gun-hating, nanny-stater? Absolutely. So I would say Bloomberg fits into the discussion pretty obviously.

I can see you are either not grasping or are being purposefully obtuse regarding my position that the legality is not the issue. Meeting the minimum standard under the SC's interpretation has yielded a 12% success rate. For every 1 stop and frisk that nets a criminal violation, 7 citizens are molested by the state under a standard that clearly should be rethought. If you think that's acceptable then you and I have vastly different understanding of what it means to be a free country.
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