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Went to my first Appleseed shoot as, basically, a complete newb to rifles. Unfortunately I cannot make it to Sunday and it was a slow start (how hard is it to be on time people?!?) so I only fired a little over 200 rounds and shot 2 AQTs. But then as many of you probably know good instruction doesn't require many rounds downrange, especially dealing with groups and starting from a novice level.

I took an iron sited (tech sites) 10/22 with swivels and a GI web sling, nothing more, and fed it CCI Mini Mag 40gr CRNs.

I did not do as well as I had hoped, mostly because I just can't consistently get a comfortable, natural, steady prone position. I really need to get to a damn outdoor range where I can fire from prone to practice.

This was my first "Redcoat" target, shot at the beginning prior to any marksmanship instruction and without a real time limit. It was pretty darn close to being a "300 yard" target and I got the headshot. Due to an ammo related stoppage I dropped a round (and then switched from automatch, which was used for that target, to mini mags for the rest)

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This was my first AQT. It started out awesome, and then my prone was beyond terrible.

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This was my second/final AQT. I screwed it up all kinds of ways for all kinds of reasons I won't get into. The score improved, though, despite screwing up and holding a round on the second phase where I was shooting well.

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I will absolutely be going back. I will probably sign up for at least one more (and a full weekend) before the night is out. Great people.
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