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Originally Posted by Warp View Post
Oh...the 300 yard range would be done with centerfires. There were several centerfire shooters there and some of us, such as myself, had a centerfire in the car that could have been brought up.

I intend to shoot a Rifleman's score with the .22 before bringing out the Garand, though. Even if that means I put a scope on to help see those tiny freaking bottom targets.

I just signed up for another next weekend. I will do both days this time, and I think I might put my 4x scope on the 10/22
My 10/22 is scoped and it rocks. You can hit a tennis ball at 100 yards. An AR15 with irons will keep you in the paint on the 100 yard range too. I'm envious of your learning to shoot rifles, it's a really fun time in life, enjoy it all you can.
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