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Originally Posted by UneasyRider View Post
My 10/22 is scoped and it rocks. You can hit a tennis ball at 100 yards. An AR15 with irons will keep you in the paint on the 100 yard range too. I'm envious of your learning to shoot rifles, it's a really fun time in life, enjoy it all you can.
I wanted to bring my 10/22 with red dot, but ended up using my AR-15 with the EOTech. With irons, the AR actually is sighted for 200 meters, no? Not very familiar with the AR family, unfortunately, more familiar with the Mini-14/30 family.

But yeah, shooting rifles was more fun and fulfilling than standing there punching holes with a pistol for some reason.
Originally Posted by blueiron:
I've said it before and I'll say it here: they'd look better with lividity.
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