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Originally Posted by lawman800 View Post
I wanted to bring my 10/22 with red dot, but ended up using my AR-15 with the EOTech. With irons, the AR actually is sighted for 200 meters, no? Not very familiar with the AR family, unfortunately, more familiar with the Mini-14/30 family.

But yeah, shooting rifles was more fun and fulfilling than standing there punching holes with a pistol for some reason.
Sighting distance is up to you but the AR15 has a slight lift (an inch or two) during travel so sighting at 200 yards makes good sense to me. Also much more than 200 yards and you need to compensate for drop so I am dialed in at 200 yards.

I like red dots for quick aquisition but I like a real scope for for really accurate distance shooting myself. That said I have red dots on my AR15's.

It's great that we have all of the choices that we do.
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