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Brainstormed for a sec and wanted to try some Longshot with 155gr JHP's, the bullets are just basic Remington JHP's. Looking at the load data from Hodgdon and not seeing anything other than 180gr and 200gr data, I decided that based off their results, 11.5gr of Longshot would be a good place to start some new data.

I didn't get to shoot much, very short on time and only got to shoot 3 per barrel, but here it is nonetheless. Hope to get more data soon.

Stock Glock 20sf (11.5gr Longshot)
About 75 degrees out, and I'm roughly 1050ft above sea level if any of that means something to you! Loaded using 1x Starline brass, CCI LP primers and loaded to 1.26"

1406 AVG

Same load in 6" KKM bbl
1547 AVG

Notes: brass had a little bulge using stock bbl but not severe, and the brass from the KKM bbl looked great. Recoil was moderate at best, a little more stout from 6" KKM bbl. I feel 12gr would be safe and that's what I plan on loading up next. All in all, seems pretty consistent so far.
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