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Originally Posted by emt1581 View Post
The do you like it?

We use sporks at the kiddie prison I work at. Ridiculously flimsy (on purpose for obvious reasons) But I could see how one with some integrity would be highly useful. Only gripe I have with sporks is when you try to stab something, the curvature of the spoon impedes your effort.

I've had a few of the 'light my fire' brand (but plastic) for 24+ months. They have survived through every day use by >3 and <10 humans. Don't believe the hype that the plastic ones are crap, I have been very pleased with mine!

On the preps side, I am doing more health related junk I have put off. This past week I have been going to the chiropractor; he found some cervical spine stuff he is going to get worked out (C3 and some others out of whack from an old 'yard sale' ski wreck I had the luck of performing right under the ski lift 7 years ago). Very hopeful that what he is adjusting will help resolve my neck issues!

I put some $ down @ a local funshop (Piazza's Pawn) on a layaway boomstick. Down to earth folks, easy layaway terms, I will be sending more $ their way!

Also picked up a few cool books:

"Food in Jars" ISBN 978-0-7624-4143-3 (tailored to preserving food in small batches, this is key as we rarely do bushel-at-a-time stuff)
"Girl Hunter" ISBN 978-0-7382-1466-5 (author was a hoity toity chef, left that as she became interested in harvesting/preparing her own game. Her exploits converted her to the hunter lifestyle)

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